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On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 11:57:33AM +1300, Jones, Steven wrote:

> u can get hot swap ide 
> promise do one (hot swap ide), dunno how good it is mind.

If you are thinking on this one ->

Dont buy it! It as simple as that. 1 year ago i bought one of those
bastards from promise and its slooow. Im running it as filer on a
debian 3.0 system filesystem xfs and i havent been able to push it to
a sustain throughput on more than 3MB/sec. This is with 8 60GB IBM deskstar
7200rpm disks in raid5. Recently a disk crashed on me and the hole
array went offline allthough the manual says it should continue to
function. NOT TRUE! I relplace the broken drive with a new and the
promisearray began to rebuild i thought i where homesafe..... After
rebuilding in 15 hours the array went offline again and nothing i did
got it back?? I called localshop where i bought it nobody could help
me they suggested that i contacted promise in netherlands. Story

Promise in netherlands where quit helpfull but what they suggested got
me pulling out my hair!!! (what i have left of it). They suggested
that i deletede the array, created a new and saved it then just after
saving it i had to pull out the powercord in the back so the array
wouldn't initialize. I would not belive what i was hearing. Pulling
out powercord while the array is initializing sounds like a hugh hack
to me but i did it just because i didnt knew what else to do. It
actually worked so now im back to the good old sloooow promisearray
and after a xfs_repair my filer was up and running again. 

Next time i have to buy ideraid ill try 3ware for sure.

Venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Thomas Kirk

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