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Re: load average question

* reed@wcug.wwu.edu (Jeremy C. Reed) [2002.11.23 17:19]:
> On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Scott St. John wrote:
> > So the question is:  is anyone running a similar set up with either
> > Sendmail or Posrtfix servicing 2,000+ email accounts with any
> > performance issues?
> No performance issues using vm-pop3d, exim (MTA), apache and
> OpenWebMail with around 10,000 email accounts on similar hardware.
> In the past, when using qpopper with 10-15,000 accounts, I improved
> performance by using qpopper "server" mode.

The number of email accounts is a false indicator.  How many messages do
you receive each day?  What are your mesgs/sec statistics under normal
load?  How active is the webmail application?

Could you be more specific about the disk/raid setup?

I'm asking all these questions because I'm going to be replacing a mail
server soon with 6000+ accounts receiving about 80K mesgs per day.  I'm
curious to hear about other setups and they loads they can sustain.
Cameron Moore
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