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Re: Qmail/Postfix/Sendmail for fastest outgoing mail

Thanks for the input, Craig.

> it'll take the mail delivery load off your multi-purpose boxes, but
> won't result in much faster delivery (although you'll get some benefit
> simply because you're spreading the same load over more machines).
> however, it won't solve the multiple-recipients-at-one-domain problem.
> if qmail relays individual messages via a postfix box, then the postfix
> box will have individual messages in it's queue - it can't recombine
> them into one message.  i.e. the "damage" has already been done.

I don't quite understand that part about the "damage" already being done.
For example, if Qmail hands Postfix, say, 10 emails (individually, as
Qmail does), and 5 of those emails is to the same domain/mailserver,
wouldn't Postfix "combine" them and send them at one time?

Of course, if there is significant delay between the messages, such as 1
hour, then obviously Postfix won't wait an hour to collect enough emails
to a particular domain, but say they were sent in succession (say 2
seconds apart), since these are mailing list servers and email from the
Qmail servers tends to go out in a batch rather than individually.
Wouldn't Postfix combine them in this situation?

> > I'm *thinking* it would because then the Qmail servers would not need
> > to create so many simultaneous connections to slow remote hosts
> > (waiting around and stuff), and instead would be able to get email off
> > faster to the Email box and thus free up load on the Qmail servers, so
> > they can do other stuff more (Apache).
> yep, it will get the mail off the qmail boxes ASAP, which will be some
> improvement at least.

I was also hoping in some optimization of the actual mail sending as
well... such as what Sendmail or Postfix could offer in this case. If what
you say above is what will happen (emails send individually and not
combined) then in effect setting up the email server as
qmail/sendmail/postfix won't make any difference, since they would be sent
individually anyway?

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