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load average question

Hi Gang:

A few weeks ago we talked about me moving a server from BSDi to Debian. As luck would have it that BSDi server gave out last Monday and I had to move fast to replace it. Knowing I can do a RH install in about 30 minutes I went the route of familiar territory and installed 7.2 with Sendmail/QPopper/Apache/OpenWebMail. I am paying for that now with a huge performance problem. I am seeing Load Averages spiking
above 6 during the day.  Hardware is a Dual P3-600 with a gig of ram on a IBM
Netfinity Raid 5 controller.

The owner of the company wants to go back to BSD, but I want to pursue Debian.
So the question is:  is anyone running a similar set up with either Sendmail or
Posrtfix servicing 2,000+ email accounts with any performance issues?

Thank you for your time.

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