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Re: SCSI or IDE (IBM for RAID)

> If you want reliable IDE's get Quantum (whups... they don't exist
> IBM (whups again... they shut down after they built a paperweight
factory in
> Hungary?), or Segate... perhaps Maxtor (bought out Quantum didn't

Thing with IBM HDs, in my experience, is that some are good from the
start, some are bad from the start. When I was building a big array a
while ago using IBM 120GXP HDs, out of 8 per server, 2 or 3 failed, but
they failed almost straight away (clicking sound). The rest have run
pretty much flawlessly till today.

> The hard thing with computer gear in general is each generation is a
> new generation... A manufacturer's drives can turn from good to crap in
> batch, and the reverse. About all you can do is check
> and solicit for advice each time you go to buy something.

IBM HDs are well-known for having the best RAID performance, due to the
firmware being tuned that way. Check out storagereview.com and you'll see
what I mean. Individually they don't perform much better than the
competition, but in a RAID setup they actually perform better. Not sure
why as I'd assume high speed independent HDs would lead to high speed
RAID... but anyway, IBM HDs are best for RAID from the performance results
for some reason.

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