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At 05:39 PM 11/24/2002 -0500, John wrote:
I currently work with an ISP that has mostly IDE on the servers doing
miscellaneous stuff, all SCSI RAID5 on the servers such as database, NFS
and network monitoring. I just like being able to pull a drive hot and
replace it nice and easy in the servers that are most critical to me.

We  had a 9 gig SCSI drive on-line for 6 years and this was
the first time it gave us problems.  Of course the problem was the drive died
and held the  configuration for that machine :)  This little box was a Pentium
100 with 64 megs of ram and did Sendmail/Radius, Apache for user home
pages and web mail.  It ran BSDi 3.0.  Oh yeah, back up DNS as well.

I guess I want to ask this again - I am having serious performance issues with
this Red Hat 7.2 machine running Sendmail.  I had 50+ emails  last night
complaining about it.  One guy knows we ran BSD on the old server and begged
us to go back.  I have to move fast until I can get the new equipment ordered.
My thought is to take a Dual P3-700 Server with a gig of ram and put Debian
with Postfix on it. I have 3 Maxtor IDE drives in it, 2 60 gigs and a 120 gig drive.

Since it is Thanksgiving week our traffic will be lower and this would give me
the chance to get the new server up and running and HOPEFULLY give us
much improved performance until I can get the SCSI drives ordered.

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