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> pps: last time i needed to build a large raid array for a fileserver, i
> priced both IDE and SCSI solutions.  the SCSI solution was about $15000
> all up (server, external drive box, drives, raid controller, etc).  the
> equivalent IDE solution was about $13000.  i ended up deciding that scsi
> was worth the extra $2000.
> btw, prices are in australian dollars, $AUD1.00 is somewhere around
> these days, i may have chosen differently because i could probably have
> got twice the storage capacity for the same price with IDE.

Definately... the gap is widening between IDE and SCSI.

The actual physical hardware (the disk acutators and such) are usually
manufactured in the same factory, right? So all things being equal
(transportation from the factory, etc.) they should have similar failure
rates, only that the SCSI drives have more/better chips/firmware/software?

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