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Re: DNS servers


    TM> ... When I turned
    TM> from BIND to djbdns, I discovered that I had several errors in
    TM> my name server setup, despite the fact that I thought I had
    TM> double-checked each time I messed with the server.  [...]

Just out of curiosity, what kind of errors were these?  

    TM> Just the matter of handling the various dots right, and not
    TM> forgetting the serial number, makes for a lot of chances to
    TM> mess things up, especially if you're tired.

Of course, but don't be root when you are that tired.  Don't even
sudo.  Surely djbdns can't help there to the extent you imply.

    TM> Like checking all the reverse-mapping hassle that's going on
    TM> on the Internet. Most people don't do it right, no? Doing it
    TM> right with BIND is work.  [...]

Doing it right usually entails reading RFC-2317 these days.  You will
find that many admins are illiterate when it comes to this, so
they screw it up.  This is not a config file format issue, IMHO.

    TM> Doing it right with djbdns comes for
    TM> free if someone likes to delegate the reverse mapping to you,
    TM> and/or accepts to pull it from you. [...]

Ok, I admit I don't see how.  I'll go read the site when I get a
chance.  I'd love to see the problem I allude to above solved for
free.  Or maybe you mean generating PTR records automatically when A
records are defined, in which case I kinda regret wasting time on



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