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Re: DNS servers

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 08:55:41PM -0500, bda wrote:
> > overall, your argument is just a recapitulation of DJB's old
> > favourite "your way of doing things is completely wrong, you must
> > throw it all away and change to my One True Way".  that may be
> > enough to convince DJB groupies, but it's not enough to convince me.
> > in fact, it pisses me off and makes me extremely reluctant to even
> > experiment with his software. 
> Whereas yours is entirely the usual "BIND RULES DJB SUX0RS!" variety.

actually, if you bothered looking, you'd find that i've said "bind
sucks" on numerous occasions.  i said that because it's true - bind does
suck.  unfortunately, djbdns sucks too, for different reasons.

for my needs, djbdns sucks a lot more than bind so i'll continue using
bind until something that sucks less comes along.

> > > > if djb actually gave a damn about providing a viable replacement
> > > > for bind then he'd climb down off his pedestal and implement
> > > > native support for bind-style configuration and zone files in
> > > > djbdns.  not a translator, not a converter, but native support
> > > > for the existing files.
> Why should he support something he disagrees with in entirety? 

because there's a vague possibility that he might be interested in
making a difference out in the real world rather than just claiming
perfection from his own ivory tower.

> Why complicate the application he provides with what amounts to
> idiotic cruft -- there are myriad scripts already provided by the
> community to help you convert your BIND zones to tinydns-data format.
> This is assuming, of course, that you don't simply transfer them using
> axfr.

how many times do i have to say the same thing?


What is so difficult to understand about this simple concept?  is it
just that djbdns can't do it, therefore it must be wrong?

i couldn't be bothered reading the rest of your message, let alone
responding to it.  here is why:

> How long have you been a sysadmin? 

a lot longer than you.  i started as a programmer 20 years ago and
started doing systems admin stuff almost immediately. about 15 years ago
i stopped doing applications programming and concentrated on systems
admin and systems programming.  around 11 years ago i mostly stopped
working on other systems and started concentrating on unix (mostly
solaris and SCO).  about 8 years ago i began focusing almost exclusively
on linux, although i still do some work on solaris and *bsd boxes and
other systems (occasionally including crap like NT or Win2K).

i've performed more upgrades and software & hardware transitions than
you could even imagine - they have been successful transitions precisely
because i am cautious about radical changes to the point of being
paranoid and plan everything out before i start, including a disaster
recovery plan for reverting to the previous working config.  i am
speaking from long years of hard-won experience, which is worth just a
little bit more than overblown newbie opinion like yours.

how do i know that you're a newbie?  your shrill insistence that you
have all the answers is a dead giveaway.


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

Fabricati Diem, PVNC.
 -- motto of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch

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