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Bandwidth... compression... saving $$?

Hi all,

If you live in Australia, i'm sure you know about the exorbant prices for
broadband here. HK, on the other hand, provide unlimited bandwidth and
fast connections.

I was wondering about this... okay, we know about mod_gzip for Apache, and
i *think* it does proxy connections (through mod_proxy, the poor man's
proxy compared to Squid). So one could go through the compressed proxy and
in effect get more downloads.

However, I was wondering if there is a solid method to setup a link
between a Linux or Windows or Mac box here in Australia, and have all data
travel across a compressed tunnel of some sort.

I've been playing with "Zebedee - a simple, free, secure TCP and UDP
tunnel program", which does compression, but it isn't very elegant. You
have to setup a local port (eg. localhost:10100) and have it transparently
redirect/tunnel over to the box in HK (eg. As you can
imagine, you'd have to setup one local port and one remote port link for
each item, plus some software doesn't allow you to change the port, so in
essense you're stuck with using whatever the software had hardwired in.

Any ideas on how this tunnelling could be made completely transparent (or
as transparent as possible)?

I'm sure if this could be worked out, a lot of us here in Australia would
be pretty happy :-)


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