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Re: New approach with removable IDE RAID Backup (was: Tape Question)

Ramin Motakef <ramin@motakef.de> writes:

> Next thing i want to try is to use a dedicated maschine and raid
> over network block devices instead of rsync. Has anyone experience
> with that (speed, reliability)?

I have no experience with it but have read a bit about it. The Problem
with this setup is that you can't just unplug one machine since the
raid partition will hang then. You have to reboot if one networked
partition fails - at least that's what I read several times.

What about using a native distributed filesystem like Inter-Mezzo,
CODA or OpenAFS? I have read a bit about the first two and am planning
to use one of then for a similar constellation.

[x] ulf

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