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Re: SpamAssassin PHP-MySQL User Interface Problems

On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 16:51, Gene Grimm wrote:
> I recently installed the SpamAssassin php-sa-mysql module to allow clients
> access to their userprefs options. It authenticates against shadow passwords
> using "validate" from libapache-mod-auth-shadow. The login script validates
> the username and password then redirects the browser to the phpsa.php page.
> I added the user name "spamby" to MySQL via webmin and set this in
> config.inc.php as per the readme file. I confirmed the configured host, user
> and password by inserting an echo statement in the phpsa file. The problem
> is that I get the below error messages and can't figure out why it is trying
> to connect as root.
> Warning: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO) in
> /var/www/phpsa/phpsa.php on line 16
> Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost'
> (Using password: NO) in /var/www/phpsa/phpsa.php on line 16
> Could not connect

It looks like the root account does not have permission to access the
database in mysql, so I'd suggest you verify that. More info on that can
be found here: http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/Adding_users.html.


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