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Re: Qpopper

Hi Sonny

Perhaps it's a DNS issue?

You will get LONG delays when daemons can't do reverse lookups on the connecting addresses.


At 22:34 28/08/2002 -0500, Sonny Kupka wrote:
Hello all.

I'm new to Debian ..

Switched over from Slackware after years of doing things the manual way figured I would try this for a while :)


I installed qpopper on my system using dselect..

Install went flawless but when you try to pop mail from the server the connection would just sit there..

I since switched to using solid-pop and I don't like that at all.. Getting tons of complaints about dup mails...

If anyone has any ideas as to why qpopper wouldn't auth I'm all ears because I really would like to get back to using it.

Just another note.. I compiled a version with my own configure settings like I would on Slackware.. that did the same thing..

I even tried taking the tcpd out of inetd.conf to make sure it wasn't an allow problem..

Only thing I haven't looked at is the pam stuff.. I not at all familiar with pam because Slackware never had it.. I will be reading up on that incase it might be messing with things..

Thanks for any pointers...


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