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Re: multiple webcams via one linux box

I have tested two "Dexxa" webcams (compatible with Logitec Quickcam Express), on the same USB bus. I set it up to take alternating snap shots from each camera. This works well and could be expanded to more camera's.

That should work, but at 85 cams this could get kinda messy. How fast can you alternate?

However the limitation was the USB cabling. With hubs and extension cables and hubs, things start getting unreliable after about 15m.

If I used the wireless x10 cams with usb adapters I don't think I would reach 15m. The problem I think I would have with the x10's are that one receiver controls a number of cams (3 I think) and you can switch between them (at least that is how the windows software works), but I need them to all act independently. I've tried contacting x10 to ask some technical questions but the hold times are too long and they don't reply to emails.

Have fun and let me know what you learn!

will do


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