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Re: multiple webcams via one linux box

Hello Bernie 

On 23 Aug 2002 at 10:06, Bernie Berg wrote:

> Hi, I have a project that could potentialy have 85 webcams.  The easy 
> thing to do would be to use an Axis network camera and just link to its 
> own webserver from my linux web server (or whatever).  But these run 
> about 300 bucks, that would be about 25 grand for 85 cams.  X10 on the 
> other hand (I hate  their website, it looks like to is from 1994), has 
> much cheaper cameras, and they are wireless.  You can get a usb adabpter 
> to input them into a computer.  Ummm, anyone have luck linking 85 usb 
> webcams into one linux box?  Anyother sugestions?

I have tested two "Dexxa" webcams (compatible with Logitec Quickcam 
Express), on the same USB bus. I set it up to take alternating snap 
shots from each camera. This works well and could be expanded to more 

However the limitation was the USB cabling. With hubs and extension 
cables and hubs, things start getting unreliable after about 15m.

Have fun and let me know what you learn!


Ian Forbes ZSD
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