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Re: [Help] Installation Question (55 PCs will install....)

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002, axacheng wrote:

> Hello Liset :
> i have 2 OS in my pc  (Debian-Woody and Windows2000)
> However, i wanna install those 2 OS in others PC    (about 55 PCs)
> so that, i have spent too much  time with installation proces  @_@
> Does anyone knows what is easiest and quite way to install 2 OS on 55
> PCs?????

Well, it seems the most convenient way would be to create two boot
floppies with a kernel containing the right drivers for your disk and
network adapter, the C library, a shell and some tools, especially
inetd, rshd, rsh and cat. There are numerous 'rescue floppy' projects on
the net, so there's probably one that suits you.

Then configure one floppy for (say) IP address and the other
for, and create a hosts file on both floppies with these lines:	hosta	hostb

Also, create a ~root/.rhosts file on the floppy for hosta containing a
line that says 'hostb'.

Then, you shut down a fully installed PC, which will become your
template for all machines, and reboot it using the floppy for 'host A',
the one configured for IP address

Next, you boot each new to-be-installed PC using the second floppy (this
will become 'host B' temporarily) and enter this command:

rcp hosta:/dev/hda /dev/hda

In a while, the whole disk of the template PC will be copied onto the
new PC's one. Including partition table and all OSes. Needless to say,
the disks should be identical in size.

The last step is that you boot the new PC and give it its new hostname
and possibly a new IP address *in both OSes*.



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