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RE: Forward email

The forwarding of email is going to be the easiest thing to do, I'd
suggest using sendmail, all you need to do is get a local DNS zone
working correctly for the domain(s) your trying to relay. How ever, I've
been trying to find a smtp virus scanner, and unfortunatly I havent been
able to find anything that scans mail on in the fly, the majority of
antivirus packages Ive tried for debian will only just scan the user's
mailbox, which obviously is no good as there are no user mailbox's on
the linux relay. Anyone attempted this before?
-Daniel Hooper

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	From: Elcio Mello 
	Sent: Sat 17/08/2002 9:11 AM 
	To: debian-isp@lists.debian.org 
	Subject: Forward email

	Hello people,
	I work at a company, and I have had a lof of problem with virus.
	Well We have the folowing:
	|      Windows NT      |
	|   SMTP - Mailboxs    | <--> INTERNET
	| runing Critical Path |
	I'm not runing a ant-virus on Windows NT, because it use a lot
of cpu.
	What I want?
	I would like the folowing:
	------------------------       ---------------------------
	|     Windows NT       |      |          Debian           |
	|    SMTP - Mailboxs   | <--> | running postfix or qmail  |
	| runing Critical Path |      |  scanning mail for virus  | <->
	|                      |      | and forwading to windows  |
	-----------------------       -----------------------------
	My mailbox are on Windows NT. What I want is only that a server
	on Linux/Debian receive the mails from the internet, check for
	then forward it to my smtp on Windows.
	Anyone can help me. Anyone know if it is possible?
	Thank you for your help.
	Elcio Mello
	GNU/Debian - Use it, abuse it, It's Free
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