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50MB mbox size limit with postfix/procmail

I'm using postfix with procmail for local delivery.  Latest versions
from woody:

ii  postfix               1.1.11-0.woody2
ii  procmail              3.22-4

When any mbox reaches 50MB, procmail and/or postfix will refuse to
deliver it to that mbox, and the mail is instead delivered to the next
matching procmail rule (usually the catch-all rule at the end of my
.procmailrc file)

I have tried really hard to find this limit, even by grepping the
sources for both postfix and procmail.  I tried setting
"virtual_mailbox_limit = 0" in the postfix main.cf, but no luck.  And
yes, I know that the limit most probably lies in procmail(logically that
is)  However, I cannot find any such setting in the procmail docs.

What did I overlook?



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