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Re: Contacting a linux box behind a vicious cable internet firewall?

Here is a neet little app that sounds like it will do what you want.

It will connect to a trusted host and then you can connect to a port on that
trusted host from a 3rd computer and get redirected back in to the firewall
one.  Hmm, I probably havn't explained it very well, but check it out


Hope this helps.

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Subject: Contacting a linux box behind a vicious cable internet firewall?

> OK. I have a debian machine on a cable internet connection and I want to
> ssh into it from the outside.
> Currently can't do it. The Cable ISP blocks ALL ICMP traffic which
> certainly doesn't help.
> My first thought is to set the machine up to punch a stunnel connection
> through to dedicated server in a fixed location. Then I ssh into that
> dedicated server (to a special port #) and that get me connected to the
> firewalled box.
> Is this the best way to go?
> The cable ISP refreshes DHCP leases regularly - can stunnel handle the
> change in IP # OK?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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