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Woody routing question...

Hi All,

I've just setup a Debian Woody alpha machine and am currently having problems with routing... I'm not entirely sure this problem is appropriate for this list, but here goes... Appologies for the length of the mail too :)

I've got 2 network cards in my machine - Each card is connected to different networks, but both have public IP addresses.

eth0 = IP: aaa.bbb.80.144 Network: aaa.bbb.80.128 Mask:
eth1 = IP: xxx.yy.234.131 Network: xxx.yy.234.128 Mask:

My current routing table, as show by running "route -n" is as follows:
Destination    Gateway        Genmask         Flags Metric Ref Use Iface
xxx.yy.234.128 U     0      0     0 eth1
aaa.bbb.80.128 U     0      0     0 eth0        xxx.yy.234.129         UG    0      0     0 eth1        aaa.bbb.80.130         UG    1      0     0 eth0

eth0 is located on a subnet within a larger network - As follows:
Network: aaa.bbb.80.0 Netmask:

eth1 is my main Internet connection, it is used for almost all Internet bound traffic.

eth0 is a network connected to the Internet via a lower bandwidth connection. The main reason for this interface is to allow hosts on its network to connect directly to my machine at a higher speed than their external Internet connection allows. This interface should also communicate with Internet hosts if they connect to this ifaces IP address.

On to the problem... Machines with eth0's local subnet can communicate with the server without a problem. Machines outside of the subnet - eg. aaa.bbb.81.36 - cannot communicate with this interface's ip address. aaa.bbb.81.36, as well as external Internet hosts, can however connect to xxx.yy.234.131 without a problem.

I've tried adding routes to eth0's subnet and the larger network as a whole - Only result being aaa.bb.81.36 can now connect to eth0's ip, but no longer can get a response from xxx.yy.234.131

Can anyone shed some light on what to do?... My IP routing skills are a little lacking...

Thanks in advance!...


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