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Re: creepy-crawlers from TW

I suggest you email abuse contact for seed.net.tw, who appears to be the
owner of that network block (139.175/16) and take it up with them.  I
assume you already tried to go through openfind.com.tw and did not get a
satisfactory response.

You could always use this approach as well  :-)  Or if you do not have
access to your routing tables, add host routes to loopback0 on your web
servers.  I do this for customers when they request IP blocks.
  ip route null0

What I definately recommend against is trying to use apache's access
controls to block based on IP.  It's not very smart, and will do a DNS
lookup on every request even if you are trying to block by IP.  If the
IP route null0 method ever fails me, I will patch apache to fix this.

Jeff S Wheeler               jsw@five-elements.com
Software Development            Five Elements, Inc

On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 14:38, Martin WHEELER wrote:
> Does *anyone* have a solution for keeping the site-sucking bots from
> openfind.tw.com out of my machine?
> They don't obey any sort of international guidelines;, and tie my
> machine up for hours on end once they find a way of getting in and
> latching on.
> I'm getting desperate.
> Any help appreciated.
> msw
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