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Re: Woody routing question...

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 10:15:59AM +0100, Sean Cardus wrote:
> eth0 = IP: aaa.bbb.80.144 Network: aaa.bbb.80.128 Mask:
> eth1 = IP: xxx.yy.234.131 Network: xxx.yy.234.128 Mask:

If you want to be able to use both IPs from either network (a common
occurance even if you didn't plan it), you should probably turn off
RP_FILTER in the kernel.

This is most easily accomplished by setting the spoofprotect=no option in
the /etc/network/options file.

A reboot or /etc/init.d/network stop/start will then set the option.

I'd also suggest you use tcpdump -n -i ethX on each interface (watch eth0
on tty1, eth1 on tty2 so you can be sure), and make sure packets are
actually reaching your interfaces.

Ted Deppner

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