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spamassassin or spamc/spamd for sitewide input filtering

Apologies for the cross-post: I think it'll hit the experts I need.

I'm running postfix 1.1.11 under Debian 3.0 for a box that has a few 
local users and some Email lists.  I've got rav filtering for 
"malware" using its own daemon and I've pulled the spamassassin deb 
as I'd like to add to or supercede my collection of header & body 
checks and a few other tweaks (the "freemail" sender one) with 
spamassin and razor ... but I'm baffled by the various bits of 
documentation and correspondence on this and the spamassassin list 
I've filtered up.  Nothing gives me what I thought I could have which 
was a simple addition of a few lines to master.cf and main.cf to get 
spamassin or spamc/d called as filters like the rav daemon.

I'm an amateur at this really and hundreds of experts must have done 
this?  Anyone send me the instructions I need?


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