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Re: Admin for E-MAIL users only

Hello rj 

On 4 Jul 2002 at 18:55, rj wrote:

> What is the best way to delegate some root privileges for a user
> which could only create e-mail accounts and make newaliases?

I have written a bunch of scripts in Python, that use the "super" 
utility to give effective root access to certain users for pre-
defined tasks.  It uses the "python-newt" user interface to give a 
full screen text mode interface like the debconf's "dialog" one.  The 
real work is done by adduser, userdel etc. It also has a module for 
adding and removing entries from the /etc/aliases file.

As with most sys-admin scripts, it is a bit beta, but if somebody is 
interested I could make it available.



PS: I have had in the back of my mind a web server which would 
authenticate the user, then spawn a child process under that users 
ID.  All further connects belonging to the authenticated session  
should be piped through to the child for processing. The child could 
then run a bunch of webmin type scripts to do things that could 
otherwise be done from the command line with user permissions.  The 
child process should last as long as the session.  When the sessions 
is closed or times out the server should kill the child and clean up. 
This would prevent a new interpreter from getting started for every 
click - as is the case with a conventional cgi script and also 
prevent the parent server from getting crashed by poorly written 
client scripts.

Has anybody seen something like this.  Maybe something that supports 
Python scripts?  

(I could not find one, so I used the newt interface instead ...)
Ian Forbes ZSD
Office: +27 21 683-1388  Fax: +27 21 674-1106
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