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Users deleting public_html and log causing Apache to fail startup

Hi all,

The "users that know too much" keep on deleting their directories that
Apache uses to load up files from.

For example, assume the user directory is /home/username/public_html (for
the HTML docs), and /home/username/log (for the LOG files).

If the user deletes /home/username/log, or public_html, Apache won't load.
And it doesn't give a useful error most times unless you start
investigating. There doesn't seem a way to make Apache handle the
situation gracefully, by either skipping over that virtualhost, or perhaps
ignoring the error, or something. It just fails to load as is.

I've thought of a few workarounds... but i'm sure you guys have had the
above experience and already have great solutions, so why re-invent the
wheel (the answer is probably so obvious too ;-)  ).

So, how would you handle the above?

Thanks in advance!


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