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Re: Users deleting public_html and log causing Apache to fail startup

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 09:03:02AM +1000, Jason Lim wrote:
> If the user deletes /home/username/log, or public_html, Apache won't load.
> And it doesn't give a useful error most times unless you start
> investigating. There doesn't seem a way to make Apache handle the
> situation gracefully, by either skipping over that virtualhost, or perhaps
> ignoring the error, or something. It just fails to load as is.

Apart from all previous solutions with careful chmod's, one could use
a logger script and make Apache serve logs to the script via a pipe.

E.g. there's a tool called cronolog, which allows to create more complex
filenaming and auto-rotation of logs. I think there is an option
in that tool to re-create missing directories, and even if there isn't
it shouldn't be very difficult to patch it.

CustomLog "|/sbin/cronolog -p '1 days' \
        -S /var/log/apache/example.com/access.log \
           /var/log/apache/example.com/%Y%m%d.log" combined


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