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Re: Looking for qmail, vpopmail, webmail solution

El dom, 23-06-2002 a las 05:04, ragnar@this.is escribió:
> Hello,
> Phpgroupware does look intersting.
Glad you think so!
> documented tweaking ?
Glad you asked...:-\..

Um no, docs are pretty limited for deployment (but abundant for end
users).....assisted tweaking in #phpgroupware and #axisgroupware (my
nick is lex there if you want to ask for me)...

But you can start by dl'ding the source for phpgroupware RC3 (forget the
debs for now), doing cvs update on the root of the source, and looking
at it (docs for complete installation in the doc directory).... 

Phpgroupware supports at least three email clients: a squirrelmail
derivative (which will best support imap rather than POP3) called
felamimail, the native client (which is, as of now, deprecated but
functional for small sites) and anglesmail (which is what i use, made by
Angles Puglisi -hacker extraordinaire- and you can get it and its great
docs at www.anglemail.com).... 

I try to help as much as possible in testing the thing and anglemail has
been/is being tested  in production environments for 400+ heavy email
users, felamimail has been tested for 3000 users (and it has had a bunch
of other tests) in another kind of envirnoment. As this are relatively
new deployments, they are not thoroughly documented (one of them is mine
so i have to find an excuse) but the deployers (such as myself) are
somehow friendly depending on the day of the week and/or phase of the

    Alex B
Step One Group

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