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RES: Network Proxy Recommendation Needed

> What package would be simplest to set up and maintain for general
> proxy/firewall purposes?
squid and iptables 'a kernel+app resource'.

> One of the major concerns for them is restricting unauthorized downloads
> allowing Internet access to a database system using the server version of
> FileMaker Pro (hosted on an NT machine).
squid and iptbles can do this very fine.

> Also, while I am thinking of it, can anyone tell me if the Network
> Everywhere NC100 FastEthernet 10/100 Network Card is Linux compatible and
> what kernal module to use for it?
# modprobe ne2k-pci
# modprobe ne
For most card's NC is 'NetWare Card'.

You can use a comercial solution to do this work, but, if you have some
time you can configure you firewall and gateway with only this resource,
and can do all you need and can have total control of the network.


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