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Re: Updated Apache packages for Woody (testing).

On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 03:21:49AM +1000, Jason Lim wrote:
> Dselect output for "testing" distro:
>  *** Opt web      apache       1.3.23-1    1.3.24-3    Versatile,
> high-performan
>  *** Opt web      apache-commo 1.3.23-1    1.3.24-3    Support files for
> all Apa
> And this is after dselect update.
> I see it in the pool directory, but obviously the package list hasn't been
> updated.
> Know when it should be updated?

If the current politics hold... 1 day after Woody releases, since until
that point, it's officially "Testing", and gets neither security updates,
nor new uploads (being 'frozen' as well). (The 1 day mostly covers the time
to do a full mirror sync, and may be overly generous).

Or, in other words: the real world strongly advises that you download the
1.3.26 source package from the Unstable tree, and build it locally, because
nobody has any official statement on when Woody will become stable.
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