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Re: Analog ( + Report Magic)

Thanks to the help from this list, I've found out one or two essential
facts which have allowed me to install working versions of the .deb for
analog (actually, I then found the same info in the first few lines of
the documentation included with awstats, which was giving me the same
sort of grief for the same reasons) -- now, I wonder, could the list
similarly help me to get Report Magic going?

The documentation talks glibly about Windows and Mac installations --
all else is 'source' -- but that isn't really of any concern.

Does anyone know what is being referred to by "the analog directory" in
this documentation?
Analog lives in /usr/bin/analog; its configuration file lives at
/etc/analog.conf; the form generator it uses to produce its HTML output
lives in /usr/bin/cgi-bin/; but where does it send its output when it's
producing data files, not HTML?  (I've got it to produce 'report.dat';
but I'm damned if I know where it puts it once it's produced it!)
Or does it live only in cyberspace and do I have to specify where it
goes myself?
This is not at all clear.  (My browser can find it, and display it as
text, however.)

Likewise for Report Magic -- where is the directory the documentation
refers to as 'the Report Magic directory"?
Again, rmagic lives in /usr/bin/rmagic (presumably the 'rmagic.pl'
talked about in the docs); its configuration files lives at
/etc/rmagic/rmagic.ini (and log files go into the same directory); but
where is it going to look for the 'report.dat' input file it requires?
And how do I fire it up from a web-page?  Write my own link from
cgi-bin and point to that?

Once again -- any help/suggestions most appreciated.  I feel there's
something absolutely obvious which is just off the edge of my
perception; but the only other Debian user in my neighbourhood says he
abandoned ever trying to get this combo to work several months ago.

Martin Wheeler <mwheeler@startext.co.uk> gpg key 01269BEB @ the.earth.li

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