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Analog ( + Report Magic)

OK, I give up.  (Again.)

What am I doing wrong in trying to run analog under current testing?

Analog is version 5.22.  (Analog.cgi is root.root 755)
Apache's logs are root.adm 540.  Root can run analog to produce HTML
output.  My browser can't.  Have I missed out a directive in httpd.conf;
or does www-data have to own some of this stuff, or what?

I'm baffled.  (It used to work great without any hand configuration.
Don't know what sent it agley like this.  Documentation is not much
help.)  My final aim is to get Report Magic processing the output of
analog, but so far the only HTML output I get is a nicely formatted and
chatty HTML page containing no data from the apache logs.  What is going
wrong/not being done?  Why can't my browser read the log files?

Any help/comments appreciated.

Martin Wheeler <mwheeler@startext.co.uk> gpg key 01269BEB @ the.earth.li

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