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Re: Analog ( + Report Magic)

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Martin WHEELER wrote:
> OK, I give up.  (Again.)
You can't be nervous against a penguin...

> What am I doing wrong in trying to run analog under current testing?
The ownership and the restrictions are not what analog expects.
If you run analog through a cgi script @ http, then the logfiles MUST
have chmod 644 with any ownership, or have a 640 with at least chgrp

> Analog is version 5.22.  (Analog.cgi is root.root 755)
> Apache's logs are root.adm 540.  Root can run analog to produce HTML
Do you have something shellscript or perl IN the logfiles to have them
running? :)

> I'm baffled.  (It used to work great without any hand configuration.
> Don't know what sent it agley like this.  Documentation is not much
> help.)  My final aim is to get Report Magic processing the output of
> analog, but so far the only HTML output I get is a nicely formatted and
> chatty HTML page containing no data from the apache logs.  What is going
> wrong/not being done?  Why can't my browser read the log files?
if analog could read the logfiles, then your browser will show
everything as you wanted


SZALAY Attila / mrwas at cdata.hu / (20) 944 13 72
"Not having an updated virus protection on a Windoze box today,
is like trying to cure human flue by eating popcorn."

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