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Re: Xeon on Linux

On Wed, 29 May 2002 06:18, Cameron Moore wrote:
> * pahud@pahud.net (Patrick Hsieh) [2002.05.28 22:28]:
> > How does Linux support Xeon CPU currently?
> > I am considering to use dual P-III 1G or single Xeon 2.2G architecture.
> Consider the following pages:
>   http://www.intel.com/eBusiness/products/server/processor/
>   http://www.intel.com/eBusiness/pdf/prod/server/xeon/wp020901.pdf
> According to that white paper, the Xeon's new "Hyper-Threading"
> technology that they're bragging about should show benefits without
> modifications to current apps, but they say the threading scheme makes a

But it requires modifications to the OS, modifications which (AFAIK) have not 
been done for Linux (yet).

Also as has been previously noted multi-processing raises caching and locking 
issues which will degrade system performance in some areas, and some 
applications are incapable of taking advantage of SMP.

As a general rule 2*1GHz processors will deliver less performance than 1*2GHz 
processor even if the applications can take advantage of SMP!

Also it appears from Intel's web site that a processor designed for non-SMP 
use can be obtained at a higher clock rate than an SMP capable processor...

I don't think that 2 CPUs is a benefit.  If you've got an option of 4+ CPUs 
then it may be worth having though.

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