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Re: apache woes with xxx.sh.gz

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Patrick Hsieh wrote:

> When I add .sh in AddHandler in httpd.conf, I hope apache to consider it
> as cgi file. However, if I put a xxx.sh.xxx (xxx could be any string)
> under DocumentRoot and open a http client to get it, my apache server
> will see it as a cgi file and get cgi error. This is unexpected, since
> xxx.sh.xxx is not in the cgi handler afterall. But what could make this?

Do you have a ScriptAlias directive?

Anyways, what specific CGI error?

  Jeremy C. Reed
echo 'G014AE824B0-07CC?/JJFFFI?D64CB>D=3C427=>;>6HI2><J' |
tr /-_ :\ Sc-y./ | sed swxw`uname`w

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