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Re: A Linux version of system and network monitoring?

29 Apr 2002, Crawford Rainwater wrote:

> Folks,
> Does anyone know of a Linux based system and network
> monitoring program out there?  Similar to Tivoli or
> HP OpenView, preferably under GPL and free?  If so,
> links and such would be great.
> This would be used to monitor a remote system being
> "up" or "down" along with potentially UPS networked
> device as well.
> Thanks in advance.
> --- Crawford

http://www.netsaint.org/ might be what your looking for.

/Martin Grape
Network and System Admin
Trema (Europe) AB

Email : Martin.Grape@trema.com    |   Trema (Europe) AB
Phone : +46-8-4061161             |   Drottningatan 33, 1st floor
GSM   : +46-70-6326350            |   S-103 24 Stockholm, Sweden

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