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Re: newbie, connecting to the internet

Hi Kevin,
I think I can help you. I assume that you are using Debian Linux/ Woody if it is potato it could be quite different. I also assume that your local ethernet interface is eth0. First I have to know what kind of router you have? Is it a Masquerading Router? If it is, you only have to configure the local ethernet interface. Of course you have to be root to do that.
This is quite easy. Just use your favourite Editor to edit the file "/etc/network/interfaces" just add the lines(if the interface eth0 is already configured there just change the config, but first you have to type "ifdown eth0" before changing the file):
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
    address your.local.ip.adress(eg.
    netmask your.local.netmask(eg.
    up route add -host your.routers.ip.address eth0
    up route add default gw your.routers.ip.address(eg.
The Adresses you have to use are described in the routers manual(perhaps you have configured them yourself in the router).
The two lines starting with "up" are setting up the route to your router.
Then just type in "ifup -a" as root to activate your interface eth0 and it should work. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. If you have any further problems, just write.
Alexander Karbstein
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2002 4:12 PM
Subject: newbie, connecting to the internet

I am fairly new to linux, but i would really like to set up a apache and tomcat on my linux machine. I have installed Debian but i am having trouble getting connected to the internet. My windows machine is connected to a netgear router which shares out the connection to a cable modem. Basically I guess i just want to be a client on the router. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
Kevin Schwarz

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