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Re: slapd and pam_ldap in debian?

I am using pam_ldap without any trouble on a test system running
testing. It has been some while since I set the thing up, but it was
pretty straightforward, once all the ldap entries were created.

Have you checked what your auth.log says?

Paul Fleischer // ProGuy
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man, 2002-04-08 kl. 12:06 skrev Roger Abrahamsson:
> Hello
> Finally figured I would test this out and try authenticating with LDAP
> and see
> if it could be something. However my testsetup absolutely refuses to 
> work with
> pam_ldap, and I wondered if anyone here got that working? I use 
> Debian/sid and
> latest packages there, but dont want to use sasl/kerberos. Will
> in debian
> work without sasl, or at least without kerberos, without a recompile?
> I have verified that it is not my acl's in ldap with giving * full
> access to all,
> and it did not help, and besides ldapadd works, if I do a simple
> only error message I get is that I get an error in binding if I supply
> binddn,bindpw
> and rootbinddn in ldap_conf, and the dn and password is correct since
> can use it
> in ldapadd. I am totally mystified here..
> Any help would be appreciated..
> Regards
> Roger A
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