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Re: which MTA / POP server?

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 08:09:20AM +1000, Dj Statik wrote:
> Should be able to handle a large number of emails * Isn't full of
> security exploits. 

IMHO, This means qmail. [1]

> 1.  the exim packaged for Debian doesn't have MySQL support, so an
> apt-get upgrade would break the system if I made my own package.  2.

You can "hold" the package after installing your own.  You can also divert
the core binaries, in case an accidental install occurs.  It is
manageable, but I do prefer debian core packages when available.

> tpop3d and vmail-sql don't have Debian packages so it would be a matter
> of keeping up with these software packages and building my own debs
> every time a new release came out.

If this is an ISP production mail system, rethink #2.  You won't want to
make *ANY* changes without lots of testing in a non-production
environment.  The point I'm making is the overhead of making your own debs
should be insignificant to the testing you'll be doing before installing
*any* debs (your own or debian produced).

> Alternative 1.  Qmail + vpopmail. 

This is the one I've chosen.

> I noticed the vpopmail package for debian is several versions behind
> that on the inter7 web site.  Also the vpopmail-mysql package appears to
> be broken and doesn't query the MySQL database like it should, I ended
> up having to build my own deb package of this to correct the problem. 

If you know a little C and debian's packaging system, you won't have any
trouble pulling down vpopmail 5.2 and building packages.

> Alternative 2. postfix and cyrus imapd/pop3d 

Don't know anything about either of these.

> The only flaw with this set up is that it doesn't really allow for
> checking your mail on the local system via mutt or something, not a huge
> problem but a slight inconvenience.

I think you're saying the only way you can support users w/ download
problems is to use your favorite pop-3 mail reader.  It sure is nice to
pull up mutt locally the few times it's an issue.

> Does anyone else have any recommendations on what would be a good
> configuration to handle the type of mail setup I am aiming for? 

You've given zero information about your environment, business size,
number of email accounts, staff capabilities, etc... give some more
context so we don't end up wasting our time.

[1] IMHO.  I don't want to start a religeous war over MTA choices.

Ted Deppner

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