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slapd and pam_ldap in debian?


Finally figured I would test this out and try authenticating with LDAP and see if it could be something. However my testsetup absolutely refuses to work with pam_ldap, and I wondered if anyone here got that working? I use Debian/sid and latest packages there, but dont want to use sasl/kerberos. Will pam_ldap in debian
work without sasl, or at least without kerberos, without a recompile?
I have verified that it is not my acl's in ldap with giving * full write access to all,
and it did not help, and besides ldapadd works, if I do a simple bind...
only error message I get is that I get an error in binding if I supply binddn,bindpw and rootbinddn in ldap_conf, and the dn and password is correct since I can use it
in ldapadd. I am totally mystified here..
Any help would be appreciated..

Roger A

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