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Re: Open LDAP for Peer Review

Roger Abrahamsson <roger@obbit.se> writes:

> Steve Wright wrote:
> >
> >Yes, postfix ldap lookups are well documented.
> >The LDAP_README that comes with postfix source will help.
> >
> Ahh..
> Should not write emails to this list late in the afternoon when my
> brain is fried..  :-)
> What I really have problems with is courier. We use postfix/courier
> with no "real" unix
> accounts. All mail is delivered and read beneath /var/mail with
> nobody:nogroup.
> But, can I migrate this to LDAP and keep this setup? I've read the
> docs, and all docs for
> courier and postfix seems to assume that you have users that you look
> up for delivery and maildir
> location, which we dont. I'm not 100% friends with LDAP yet, so bear
> with me if I sound
> confused.
> /Roger

Use authdeamon.ldap for Courier, you need to define the ldap keys in

LDAP_MAIL               mail
LDAP_HOMEDIR            mailMessageStore
LDAP_MAILDIR            mailMessageStore
LDAP_FULLNAME           cn
LDAP_CLEARPW            userPasswor

(mailMessageSore is from qmail.schema)


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