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Re: Colorado Tape Backup Problems

I see this one has been unanswered for a while, so I'll have a go...

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 04:57:11PM -0600, Daniel J. Rychlik wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an old Colorado Tap backup - floppy controller - that I've been
> trying to get working for sometime now.  I have searched on the net for
> possible solutions but have been unsuccessful in finding information.  I
> have installed debian's ftape software and played with, but alas, I am
> unsuccessful.  
> Does anyone have suggestions on this matter?  I appreciate any ideas or
> suggestions.  

I have experimented a bit with it too, and the results are varying. As
far as I can see, the ftape kernel module in 2.2 kernels is out-of-date.
Thus, for 2.2 kernels, I have had the best luck (read: least bad
luck...) with compiling the kernel *without* ftape support, and
producing modules out of the ftape-source package.

In 2.4.17 (and possibly earlier - haven't checked) kernels, the kernel
ftape module seems to have caught up, and I haven't had the need for the
ftape-source there.

Either way, I found the tapes themselves to be somewhat unreliable. I
ended up with 2 tapes out of 10 that simply would not successfully
format. For one of those, I ^C'd ftformat after 36 hours of whirring
back and forth. Apparantly, if the first few sectors on the tape are
bad, the whole tape is bad...

In the end, I have started making backups to CDs instead. So much more
reliable, less noisy, more fun. And the cost is quite comparable...
Karl E. Jørgensen
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