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Re: [HELP] RAID chunk-size

hi ya

chunk size does NOT matter for raid5...

if your disk was partitioned as... 2K bytes/inode...

	chunksize of 32 will allow you to write 64K of data
	in one "chunk" to disks

	chunksize of 128 will allow you to write 256K of data
	in one "chunk" to disks...

	or so goes the idea...
	whether your disks can sustain that or not is another issue

it also makes a difference if you used a inode size of 1K or 2K or 4k
during disk partitioning
	- lots of little files or  few huge/gigantic files  ??

# stuff on chunksize

c ya

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, axacheng wrote:

> Hello List : 
> I have a question about RAID "chunk size" 
> some sample write:
> chunk-size	32  or  chunk-size	128  or  chunk-size	4
> @_@
> it means, chunk-size=4 access performance is MORE THAN chunk-size=128 ????
> or
> chunk-size=128 access performace is MORE THAN chunk-size=4????
> Whats different between	chunk-size=128 and chunk-size=4????
> anyone know that???

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