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Re: (Spamcop) [listadmin@jtsterlings.com: J.T. Sterlings Daily Special


On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Jason Lim wrote:

> As for abuse by USA spammers, its not easy for me to explain to you.
> I'm half Asian... one of my parents are Asian. I grew up in Asia. I
> spend half my time in Asia. And I can really say there are 2 things I
> can see. 1) software mainly written in english... yes, this is a real
> problem. Not for me... but I have seen my fellow workers and clients
> struggle with the terminology, etc. trying to understand english
> manuals. 2) Asian culture tends to be "permissive", as in you are
> allowed to do virtually anything you want unless you do something bad.

1) is indeed a real problem. I'd consider 2) actually a virtue. :)

> This is one very good reason why, in Asia, people talk more about the
> "spirit" of the law, rather than the actual law itself. In the long run,
> probably every country will end up being forced to have very convoluted
> and extremely large/long USA-style law detailing every little single
> possible occurance of anything.

Ha. We face the similar troubles here in Europe -- people here tend to
be wary of the claim culture with all it's associated legal nonsense.

> Asian people believe in giving "face", and that means not limiting or
> stepping on people's toes if at all possible. Thus many ISPs do not
> like to or want to force their clients to change mail settings, or cut
> them off if they run insecure mail servers.

But in your line of reasoning, if people tend to have a good feel for
the unwritten rules of society, and what it means to be a good member of
a community, then it shouldn't be hard for ISPs to get the message
across to their customers that running open relays just isn't good
Internet citizenship. In a polite way, without force.

> I sincerely doubt that Asian companies nor people like to or want to have
> their things abused by foreigners. Think about it... China VS USA... and
> you'll understand what I mean. Thus there is no malicious intent by
> Chinese sysadmins for leaving open relays, but there IS malicious intent
> by USA spammers to abuse Asia.

Of course these companies don't want that. I'm also not arguing it's
malicious intent, but it feels a bit like negligence to the Internet
community. Which is indeed strange considering that people in Asia as
far as I know tend to be careful NOT to neglect the needs of society / a
community as a whole.

On the other hand, I also doubt that the USA spammers actually have any
intents whatsoever for any open relay owner. They just take advantage of
him, without considering anything or anybody, as far as I can see.



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