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Re: (Spamcop) [listadmin@jtsterlings.com: J.T. Sterlings Daily Special


On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Jason Lim wrote:

> Spamcop is the only spam prevention system we can use as a company,
> because many of those other blocklists include Asian mail servers (abused
> by USA spammers 99.999% of the time... but that is another issue).

But in 99.999% of those cases, the abuse by the USA spammer was only
possible because the Asian server was an open relay. There's *no* excuse
for that. Whatsoever.

I'm also against blocking whole netblocks, however seed.net.tw is one of
those ISPs that apparently keeps on selling new small blocks to the same
bunch of criminals without responding to any complaints.

Then what to do? Personally, I can get away by blocking all of Seednet,
I won't loose any business. But what would *you* advise in such a case?



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