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Re: (Spamcop) [listadmin@jtsterlings.com: J.T. Sterlings Daily Special

> > > > At least, spamcop is for open relay servers - not for spammails,
> > > > where we are not sure, if this junk was made by jtsterlings.com
> > > > or by someone else (like Billy for example).
> > >

I must say that I strongly support Spamcop. Unlike some of the other
"block lists" that are run by unknown and possibly shady people with
unknown motives, Spamcop's owner is open and accessable, and is an overall
nice guy. Spamcop's policies are also clearly available, and the whole
process is very transparent and public. I like this... just like
opensource (not literally... more morally).

Spamcop is the only spam prevention system we can use as a company,
because many of those other blocklists include Asian mail servers (abused
by USA spammers 99.999% of the time... but that is another issue). We do a
lot of business in Asia and cannot afford those "Asia-wide" blocks that
many of the lists are now including. We ourselves would probably be
included in the "Asian" block because we're in Asia too (blocking
ourselves... interesting thought).

Spamcop only blocks emails if spam is actually received from a
place/server. It doesn't "pre-block" everything even if no spam comes from
it. As an Webhosting/Dedicated Server/Colo provider, after careful
consideration we decided that we cannot afford to block legit email (even
if only a few business emails get blocked, thats not acceptable to us).
You probably would come to the same consideration if you're a business.
Personal sites can probably use any list they want because a few missing
emails won't cause any drama. We're willing to accept a couple of spams
getting through, rather than lose some legit email.

Anyway, just wanted to say that, especially after the closure of Orbz and
people looking for an alternative. I don't work for Spamcop, I get nothing
from telling you the above.



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