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RE: ADSL and debian3.0

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> From: Russell Coker [mailto:russell@coker.com.au]
> The point of my patch is that you don't need any other kernel module.

Sounds like a good reason to me :)

> > next, I plugged in the ADSL modem (USB) and ran "speedmgmt &". Then
> > repeatedly ran dmesg to view the kernel messages.
> Plug in the ADSL modem before you turn the machine on.  Keep the
> ADSL modem
> plugged in until you have halted the machine.  Do anything that involves
> changing the state of the ADSL hardware while the machine is running and
> expect a kernel panic.

so, do I need the speedmgmt program?

> > 4 time-out messages occur. 2 in the Bulk and 2 in the Control. Is this
> > normal?
> It's normal.
> > Q1, is there a new option in the "make menuconfig" for the modem?
> Yes.

Q1a) Where? (In which section should I look?)

Thanks for all the help, is there a document I could be looking at which
describes this process?

Dave Smith

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