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Re: ADSL and debian3.0

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:10, Dave Smith wrote:
> re-compiled speedtouch module that came from linux-usb website, hmmm,
> perhaps I shouldn't have done that... Anyway, please confirm if I shouldn't
> have done that as I don't have access to the machine (it is at work, and I
> am not), and then ran modprobe speedtch.

The point of my patch is that you don't need any other kernel module.

> next, I plugged in the ADSL modem (USB) and ran "speedmgmt &". Then
> repeatedly ran dmesg to view the kernel messages.

Plug in the ADSL modem before you turn the machine on.  Keep the ADSL modem 
plugged in until you have halted the machine.  Do anything that involves 
changing the state of the ADSL hardware while the machine is running and 
expect a kernel panic.

> 4 time-out messages occur. 2 in the Bulk and 2 in the Control. Is this
> normal?

It's normal.

> Q1, is there a new option in the "make menuconfig" for the modem?


> Q2, should I have re-installed that other speedtouch kernel module?


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