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RE: ADSL and debian3.0

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> From: Russell Coker [mailto:russell@coker.com.au]
> On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 09:50, Dave Smith wrote:
> No, the patch I manage (I didn't write it ) is in unstable as
> kernel-patch-2.4-speedtouch, I've also got a
> kernel-patch-2.4-pppoatm for if
> you use an older kernel.

Ok, I have found the kernel-patch-2.4-speedtouch, installed it, and run the
apply script with no errors. I then proceeded to run "make-kpkg
kernel_image" which resulted in a ../kernel-image...deb. I then installed
that. Dpkg -i kernel.... Checked LILO was correct, and rebooted.

re-compiled speedtouch module that came from linux-usb website, hmmm,
perhaps I shouldn't have done that... Anyway, please confirm if I shouldn't
have done that as I don't have access to the machine (it is at work, and I
am not), and then ran modprobe speedtch.

next, I plugged in the ADSL modem (USB) and ran "speedmgmt &". Then
repeatedly ran dmesg to view the kernel messages.

4 time-out messages occur. 2 in the Bulk and 2 in the Control. Is this

Then the message saying that the link was established at 576 kbits download,
288 upload. Then came the illegal instruction.

This all happens before I even touch ppp.

This is a pretty complete account of my steps. Do not assume I did something
unless I have said that I did.

Q1, is there a new option in the "make menuconfig" for the modem?
Q2, should I have re-installed that other speedtouch kernel module?

Dave Smith

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