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Re: ADSL and debian3.0

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 09:50, Dave Smith wrote:
> Is your kernel-patch page at linux-usb.sf.net?
> I have used the speedtouch 1.5 released on August 2001, which seems a
> *very* long time ago

No, the patch I manage (I didn't write it ) is in unstable as 
kernel-patch-2.4-speedtouch, I've also got a kernel-patch-2.4-pppoatm for if 
you use an older kernel.

> > > Could it be the libc version I have? I am using the debian3 version
> > > (2.2...) and the mgmt.o file is compiled with 2.1.92(?)
> >
> > It's all working fine for me with the latest Debian unstable setup and
> > 2.4.18.  Now we just need to work out what's different between
> > your system
> > and mine.
> ok. Do you get the warnings about libc versions when you compile the
> alcatel mgmt program?

Yes, this is what I get.  It works anyway.
Warning: Object was compiled with egcs-2.91.66, not 2.95.4.
Warning: Object was compiled with libc-2.1.92, you APPEAR to be using 

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