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RE: ADSL and debian3.0

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> From: Russell Coker [mailto:russell@coker.com.au]
> On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:44, Lin Smith wrote:
> > I have been attempting to get the Alcatel modem to operate on Debian 3.0
> > for a while now. I am using the 2.4.18 kernel as that apparently doesn't
> > need patching to obtain ppp over atm. I am using the patched
> tar.gz which
> > includes the pppoatm.so file which is needed for ppp to operate over an
> > ADSL link. I have the latest opensource kernel module, and the
> alcatel mgmt
> > stuff.
> Is that kernel module taken from my kernel-patch package?

Is your kernel-patch page at linux-usb.sf.net?
I have used the speedtouch 1.5 released on August 2001, which seems a *very*
long time ago

> > Could it be the libc version I have? I am using the debian3 version
> > (2.2...) and the mgmt.o file is compiled with 2.1.92(?)
> It's all working fine for me with the latest Debian unstable setup and
> 2.4.18.  Now we just need to work out what's different between
> your system
> and mine.

ok. Do you get the warnings about libc versions when you compile the alcatel
mgmt program?


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